The Mouth Circus

Better eating and communicating for every child

The Goals

The Mouth Circus offers tools to investigate the child's behaviour while eating and communicating. These results are used to determine which treatment areas and learning goals are necessary. For each treatment area the manual shows the goal lists and the associated circus training activities.

By using the goal lists it is easy to create a individual treatment programme for each child. Different professionals can work together and add specific learning goals and circus acts. The goal lists are a convenient way to register the child's progress and to discuss the treatment with with the parents.

The Mouth Circus can be used for diverse purposes. The concept is suitable for the development of a normal and healthy eating pattern and good communication skills. You can also use the Mouth Circus to prepare the child for speech therapy and to promote the correct behaviour for breathing and swallowing.

Everyone knows that joining others for a nice meal and eating without help are important aspects in order to participate in society. These are the major goals which you can strive for by using the Mouth Circus.